Thursday, June 16, 2005

Eat Beat article on Niman pork

Hello Everyone,
I had a wonderful dinner at Green Valley Grill last night with my wife Debby and Ann Matthews. I ordered pork chops and was astounded by their texture and taste. They were from the Niman ranches and thus organic, free-range meat. That makes a big difference.

Ann sent me this article and I pass it onto you. It shows what can be done and what people are demanding.

There also are vendors of free-range meat at our local farmer's market; I know this is true of Greensboro's curb market and the Triad Market. You can buy chicken and pork, and possibly beef and lamb.

When Slow Food published a Local Food Guide this Fall, 2005, you will have a better directory of sources for good food. Until then, please share on this list-serve, your favorite sources of good meat.

Charlie Headington

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Laurie said...

Peterson Family Farms sells pasture-raised pork at the Greensboro Farmers Curb Market, as well as organic free-range chickens. I recently roasted one of their chickens and it was delicate and delicious!