Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Food with a View: Big Night at the Scene Jan. 28

Food With A View: Slow Food Film Series, winter 2006, at The Scene at 604 S. Elm St., Greensboro, NC on January 28, February 25, and March 18 at 8 PM, $5.00 encouraged donation.

Want to warm up your Saturday nights this winter? Come to The Scene for an enjoyable time watching a great food film. Desserts and discussion will follow.

January 28, we will show the wonderful film, Big Night. As we enjoy homemade desserts after the film, Justin Cantanoso, executive director of The Business Journal, will lead an informal discussion with us. Justin, a second generation Italian American, will share his experience of visiting Rome recently with his family to witness the canonization of a cousin. Justin also enjoyed a homemade Sunday lunch in Reggio Calabria with dozens of relatives he was meeting for the first time.

In case you would like to know the plot summary of Big Night, here it is:

Big Night

In life and love, one big night can change everything.

Written and Directed by Stanley Tucci, this 1996 movie has an all-star cast including Marc Anthony, Tony Shalhoub, Minnie Drive, Isabella Rosselini, Ian Holm, Live Schreiber, Allison Janney, and Stanley Tucci.

Primo and Secondo are two brothers who have emigrated from Italy to open an Italian restaurant in America. Primo is the irascible and gifted chef, brilliant in his culinary genius, but determined not to squander his talent on making the routine dishes that customers expect. Secondo is the smooth front-man, trying to keep the restaurant financially afloat, despite few patrons other than a poor artist who pays with his paintings. The owner of the nearby Pascal's restaurant, enormously successful (despite its mediocre fare), offers a solution - he will call his friend, a big-time jazz musician, to play a special benefit at their restaurant. Primo begins to prepare his masterpiece, a feast of a lifetime, for the brothers' big night...

Rated R with a run-time of 107 minutes.

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Mandie said...

Darn it! I'm missing the movie. I hope you'll have another event like this soon, so I can join you all. :-)