Friday, October 07, 2005

CFSA Sustainable Ag Conference Coming in November

November 4-6, 2005
"From Field to Fork, Creating a Blueprint for a Sustainable Food System
in the Carolinas"
20th Annual Sustainable Ag Conference
Durham, NC

From the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association announcement:

"Every year we choose a theme intended to provide a focus for the
conference and define where we are in our journey of creating a
sustainable agriculture system for the Carolinas. This year’s theme,
“From Field to Fork, Creating a Blueprint for a Sustainable Food ystem
in the Carolinas,” will focus our attention on the mechanics of the
food system and what it will take to restructure it to be good for our
families, our farmers, and our environment. Agriculture’s impact on the
environment, human health, and local economy are often underappreciated
by our local and State governments. The current conventional system of
agriculture promotes global markets, genetic engineering, and
confinement livestock management. We need to learn to make the strong
case for a local and organic food system .

This year’s conference will delve into every component of a healthy food
and farming system, from soil to markets, from insects to herbs, from
flowers to fruits, from field to fork. Together, as farmers,
gardeners, researchers, consumers, teachers, and advocates, we will
create a sustainable food system that takes care of the environment and
all of the members of our communities."

Please go to CFSA's website at for
details and registration.

Slow Food Research Triangle will host an event there Friday night.

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