Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Tate is Chosen for Cheese 2005 Fair in Italy

Every two years, Slow Food International hosts a Cheese fair in the
historic town of Bra,Italy. There will be two hundred cheese vendors
from all over the world. This year, one of our own was invited by Slow
Food to participate! Steve Tate of Goat Lady Dairy is one of only five
artisan farmstead cheesemakers from the United States chosen to attend
the event. Additionally, all five chosen are from the southern U.S.,
and all are members of the American Presidium, a Slow Food organization
formed to promote and protect the production of traditional raw milk

Slow Food USA members received a booklet about Cheese 2005 last month.
I've copied excepts from the booklet about the event below:

"The fifth edition of 'Cheese', to be held in Bra from September 16-19,
2005, marks an important stage in the history of the event. As of this
year, in fact, it has been officially recognized as an international
fair in acknowledgment of its importance and capacity to attract the
interest and attention of exhibitors, visitors and media from all round
the world. With the support of Italian and European production
cooperatives, 'Cheese' provides a unique opportunity to taste all the
European Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) and Protected
Geographical Indication (PGI) cheeses. Another important feature is
the vast number of top-quality artisan cheeses on display at the stalls
of the Market, where small producers, affineurs, cheesemakers, and
graders will all be present. Shepherds, on the other hand, will have a
whole street to themselves, and a section will also be devoted to the
cheeses of the Slow Food Italian and International Presidia.

"...The main focus at 'Cheese 2005' will be on goat cheeses, and a
special space will be dedicated to their extraordinary diversity. The
House of Goat Cheeses...will be a large-scale point of sale with
display counters featuring goat cheeses from the over 100 products on
the 'cheese list', complete with full details about origin, type, aging
and price. Cheeses will come from the major producer countries such as
France, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Greece, as well as from emerging
countries such as Britain, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany.
'Guest stars' from the USA, Japan, Australia, and Cyprus will also be
making special appearances.

"Not that the House of Goat Cheeses (staffed by the cheesemakers
themselves, who will assist you in your selections) will only be a
place to shop; here it will also be possible to taste and learn.
Educational activities (guided and free tastings) and cheesemaking
demonstrations will be presented at set times, and the tasting program
will be supplemented by contributions by experts, production
technicians and the cheesemakers themselves."

The event will also include wine tastings, artisan breads, and other
food delights that pair well with cheese.

Congratulations, Steve!

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